Android Gingerbread ROOT / UNROOT (Sony Ericsson X10i root)

I would like to help you how can you root your Sony Ericsson Gingerbread 2.3.3 X10i Android phone. It is a “One-click root” solution (and un-root also).

Attention! At your own risk! Please careful and create backup befor root your device!

The first step that we need download the software to our computer. You can find here the original description and the link to the download page. You can download also from my page (with QR code. It is the easies way):

I had removed the file because it was a virus and the web hosting service provider asked the removal. The file name were Root_Unroot_Sony_1.50.rar. I have found a page which track the viruses on the internet and I have found this “Virus”, here is the query link:

You have to clicks to the “query” button on the bottom of the site. On the search result page you have to clicks on a link in the URL column. Download the file only at your own risk!

The software work with the following devices only (I didn’t try on all of devices, but on the X10i worked well):

Sony Xperia X10 (GingerBread firmware)
Sony Xperia Arc (4.0.2.A.0.42)
Sony Xperia Arc S
Sony Xperia Play [R800i/R800x]
Sony Xperia Ray – (under the 4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware) – updated 2012.05.20. More informations are here:
Sony Xperia Neo
Sony Xperia Mini
Sony Xperia Mini Pro
Sony Xperia Pro
Sony Xperia Active
Live with Sony Walkman (WT19i/WT19a)
NTT Docomo Xperia ARCO SO-02C
Samsung Galaxy S2 [GT-i9100/GT-9100P]
Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile (SGH-T989)
Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T (SGH-I777), Skyrocket (SGH-i727)
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Rogers Canada (SGH-I727R), Android version 2.3.5, Baseband version I727RUXKJ7
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4g Touch
Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SHV-E120S)(korea)
Samsung Galaxy i9100G
Samsung Galaxy S [i9000B] & [i9000 2.3.3 (PDA I9000BOJV8, Phone I9000XXJVO, CSC I9000GDTMJV7) and german T-Mobile branding]
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) OS 2.3.3 and 2.3.6 (I9001ZSKP6)
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 (GB only)
Samsung Galaxy Mini Pro i5510
Samsung Galaxy W [i8150]
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Tab [P1000] (2.3.3 firmware), [P1000N]
Samsung Galaxy Note [N7000]
Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G70 2.3.5 (GINGERBREAD.XXKPF)
Samsung Galaxy Ace (2.3.3, 2.3.4 firmware)
Samsung Nexus S [i9023] (2.3.6)
Samsung Nexus S 4G 2.3.7
Samsung Galaxy Nexus S [i9020] (2.3.6)
Samsung Exhibit (SGH-T759)
Samsung Exhibit 4G (SGH-T759) (2.3.3) Build UVKE8
Samsung Captivate i897 UCKH3
Motorola Milestone 3 [ME863 HK]
Motorola XT860, Bell XT860
Motorola Defy+
Motorola Droid X sys ver 4.5.605 w/ gingerbread
Motorola Droid X2 (2.3.4) Sys ver 1.3.380.MB870.Verizon.en.US Build 4.5.1A-DTN-150-30
Motorola XT883 (China Telecom)
Motorola XT862 (Verizon Droid3)
Nexus One (2.3.6 stock)
LG Revolution
Vizio VTAB1008 Tablet
Huawei IDEOS U8150 (2.2)

Second step. You must download and install the Sony PC Companion (because it contain the necessary drivers) and must enable the “Settings/Applications/Unknown sources” and the “Settings/Applications/USB-debugging” options. After this attach the phone with USB cable to the PC. Select the “Charging” option and lease it. Mustn’t select the “Mass storage” option!

Third step unrar the compressed files to a folder and start the Root_Unroot_Sony.exe file. You will see these windows:
one-click-root-1 one-click-root-2

Fourth step: just push the ROOT button and wait for software will be finished. If finish the software the phone will restart. If everything is OK you must see in the menu the  “Superuser.apk” application. If you don’t see this file you must restart the ROOT process.

Now your deviece is rooted! You need two other softwares. First the Root Browser Lite second the Titanium Backup ROOT. We use now the Titanium Backup. When we start the Titanium Backup it will ask for the ROOT access to the device and you can grant it with the Superuser app.
superuser-1 superuser-2

If we started the Titanium Backup Root application we would choose the applications to remowe. Before you remove any application please create a backup! You can check here the list of safe remove applications:
titanium-backup-1 titanium-backup-2 titanium-backup-3

Don’t need to remove the all aplications from the list. I removed only the following apps from my X10i without any problems. After the remove I got back 30-40 Mb system memory (RAM memory!).

EventStream 0.9.2
Facebook 1.5.2
Facebook settings 1.0.1
Facebook CalendarSync 1.0.1
Facebook extension 0.9.2
Facebook Notification Publisher 1.0
Music Likes 1.0.3
MediaDiscovery 1.0.3
Sony Ericsson Facebook 1.0
Store 1.8.1
Timescape 0.9.6
Timescape widget 3.0.1
Timescape leg. wrapper 1.3.0
TrackID 3.30.18
Twitter extension 0.9.2
Wisepilot 4.5

After the application remove please restart your device. If you would like you can un-root your device after the remove / restart process. I hope this post will help you in the root process!

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6 Responses to Android Gingerbread ROOT / UNROOT (Sony Ericsson X10i root)

  1. ak@sh says:

    shoul I need to unmount second card??

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  2. sanka says:

    thanks for sharing…it’s working perfectly for x10i 2.3.3

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  3. Arnold Arnold says:

    You’re welcome!

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  4. zia says:

    thnx for your post…but friend i am new on android, i am using xperia ray firmware .62 can i root my xperia ray? accordingly to your post? with .62 firmware?
    or should i do downgrade from .62 tp .58? if yes how to downgrade it?

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